Sunday, November 18, 2012

Scary, Scary Night

I haven't posted in awhile and there's a reason.  We're in Florida now, where we've been spending our winters for several years.  I love going to Florida for the winter. The weather is much warmer and I have some good friends who live here.  Laci is my bff.  She lives just around the corner, and we get together almost every afternoon, either at my house or her's, and we get to play while our dads drink Ruskova and talk about politics and motorcycles.  Here we are playing at my house.

She's a good friend, and she has even come to visit me in North Carolina a few times.  Thursday we spent the whole day together at my place while her human mom and dad went to the other side of the state to see a doctor.  Her mom doesn't feel good and has to see a lot of doctors. I don't like it when her mom doesn't feel well, because then Laci doesn't feel good either. She gets kind of depressed. I hope her mom gets better soon.

Now the reason I haven't posted for awhile is that I had a big health scare myself.  On our way to Florida, we stopped in Cary, NC so my folks could see the grand kids and I could visit my cousins, Crash and Alex.  Here we all are in the back of Uncle Michael's car. That's Crash in the middle and Alex on the right.

We got there the day before Haloween.  That evening, just before dinner-time, I suffered a seizure.  Nothing like that has ever happened to me before and I didn't know what was going on. I couldn't stand up, and I was shaking uncontrollably, and my folks said my eyes rolled up in my head. I thought I was dying, and I guess they did too.  Well, they rushed me to an emergency animal hospital that just happened to be nearby. By the time we got there, I stopped convulsing, but they carried me in anyway and as soon as we went inside it started all over again.

The vet had a British accent, and she was real nice.  She ran lots of tests and kept me there all night and kept an eye on me, but I didn't have any more seizures.  She never did figure out what caused it. She said I could be epileptic, but I'm a little old for that to start showing up. The vet told my folks that I might have another seizure at any time, or I might not have any more at all. We just have to wait and see. In any event, it was a scary night, and I hope it never happens again.  In the meantime, I'm happy to be in Florida again and playing with my good friend Laci.

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