Tuesday, November 5, 2013

In Trouble Again

   I'm in deep doo-doo again, but I swear it's not my fault.  My owners need to "own-up" to their responsibility. They know I can't resist the temptation to walk all over the neighbor's pool cover, and yet they have persisted in letting me run free all summer here at Lake Lure, ever since the neighbors removed the cover from the pool sometime in late April.  I don't go near their pool all summer, when there's no cover on it, because I don't like water, and I don't like getting wet.  I absolutely hate it when they decide I'm getting a little too fragrant and it's time for a bath.

   Well, the pool cover went back on last week, and again the temptation was too much for my canine brain to resist.   They should have known that, and they should have started walking me on the leash again.  After all, we only have a few more days here at the lake, before heading down to Florida for the winter.  What's the big deal?

   As soon as I saw that cover, I had to go check it out again.  Unfortunately, the neighbor man caught me in the act (AGAIN) and fired a paint ball gun in the air.  That got my attention, I kid you not.  I got off of there as fast as I could.  I guess I have super-sharp toenails because I tore some pretty good  holes in that cover.  

   Come on...this thing is supposed to be able to support an elephant for cripe's sake.  I guess elephants don't have sharp nails.  I don't really know since I've never met one.  Anyway, the damage was done, and the holes are too big, and too near the seams, to do a patch job like they did last year. A new cover is definitely in order, and I'm in the doghouse big time.  I'm back on the leash, and my master is giving me the silent treatment.  It's just not fair.  Like I said, in my mind it's mostly his fault.  I don't know what it's going to cost, but it doesn't matter because I don't have any money anyway,  and no way to get any.  My master just needs to man-up and take care of it, and not be so lax in the future.

   I'm not going to worry about it...life's too short for that.  In a couple of days I'll be out of here and on my way to Florida to see my best friend, Lacy.  Can't wait.