Saturday, June 28, 2014

Close Encounter Of The Deer Kind

I haven't posted in quite awhile because not much has been going on out of the ordinary in my life. It is just a dog's life after-all.  I get up in the morning, eat, go for a walk with David, do my thing, come back home, get a treat, go back to bed, get up in the afternoon, go for a walk with Penny, come back home, eat, and go to bed.  Not too exciting.  Sometimes I have some pretty exciting dreams where I'm chasing chipmunks or barking at deer, but I don't get to do those things much anymore in real life because ever since I tore holes in the neighbor's pool cover, I don't get to run free anymore.  I'm confined to my two walks a day, and I'm always on a leash.  You don't know how hard it is to see a chipmunk off in the distance and not be able to tear off after him.

At least today my morning walk was kind of interesting.  As we rounded the bend in the road at the top of the hill a young doe stepped out of the trees to greet me.  I think it might have been Myra, the baby deer that Rachel and Kim rescued from the water in the book Rachel And The Wizard Of Lake Lure that you can see here.  David reads me that story sometimes at night before I go to sleep.  Anyway it looked like her.

She wasn't afraid of me.  She seemed to sense that I wanted to be her friend.

She slowly approached me, getting ever closer and closer.

Until we were finally almost nose to nose.

I tried to tell her how beautiful I thought she was and how glad I was that she didn't drown that day. I don't know if she understood or not, but eventually I had to get on with my walk and do my thing, so we said goodbye.  It was a good walk.